Ministry Reveals Illegal Salmonella - Contaminated Eggs


BRATISLAVA, June 15, (SITA)- Over 1,860,000 eggs got illegally to Slovak shops that might be contaminated, Agriculture Minister Lubomir Jahnatek told a news conference on Friday. The minsitry and the State Veterinary and Food Administration have revealed illegal repackaging of eggs based on the recent case from Komarno where 28 children sickened from salmonella-tainted eggs last week. “It turned out that the bacteria was even on the surface of the eggs," the minister said. The examination led to three companies based in Bratislava, Sered and Trnava that have neither a breed nor an egg grading line and are without any storage capacities The minister says they have distributed 1,860,000 eggs. “They do not have a single storehouse or cooling box in order to be able to do so," he remarked.

The ministry came to a conclusion that firms had forged bills of delivery while no invoice has been found during the check. No document exists as well that would confirm that eggs are from Slovakia and that they came legally.