INVITATION on the 4th scientific conference with international participation on „ZOONOSES – COMMON PROTECTION OF HUMAN AND ANIMAL HEALTH“


National Focal Point for Scientific and Technical Matters for EFSA organises the 4th scientific conference on zoonoses that will held in Bratislava from the 16th to 18th of October, 2013

The conference aims is to get together experts and scientists from different areas of zoonosis. The isuues of food chain from animal feeds, animal health, raw materials processing, food production, human diseases, laboratory diagnosis of etiological agents including antimicrobial resistance as well as various aspects of etiology, epidemiology, epizootology will be discussed. The conference will offer an unique opportunity for exchange of fruitfull ideas both in the theoretical and practical aspects of zoonosis management and prevention.

The main topics of the conference will be focused on:

  • activities of European Food Safety Authority in the area of zoonoses;
  • bacterial, viral and parasitical zoonotic agents;/li>
  • food-borne zoonoses and zoonoses transmitted by vectors;
  • epizootological, epidemiological and environmental issue of zoonoses;
  • microbiological diagnostic, clinical course and antimicrobial resistance.

More information about conference can be found in the 1st annoucement.

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