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Ministry Reveals Illegal Salmonella - Contaminated Eggs

BRATISLAVA, June 15, (SITA)- Over 1,860,000 eggs got illegally to Slovak shops that might be contaminated, Agriculture Minister Lubomir Jahnatek told a news conference on Friday. The minsitry and the State Veterinary and Food Administration have revealed illegal repackaging of eggs based on the recent case from ...
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Minister Wants Tougher for Sanctions for Import of Substandard Food

BRATISLAVA, June 5, (SITA) -- Quality checks of imported goods and sanctions for importers of foodstuffs of poor quality will be stricter, promises Agriculture Minister Lubomir Jahnatek. He told SITA news agency that the stricter control system will introduce checks already on roads and highways in cooperation with the Interior Ministry. Jahnatek said that his plan is to introduce a similar system as is used in neighboring countries. “Trucks will be stopped and respective veterinary inspector will take samples for an analysis", said the minister...
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