Bratislava: Discussions about strengthening the regions positions in Common Fisheries Policy


Bratislava, 9. September 2016 – Fisheries Directors general and Attachés of EU member states met on Informal Meeting from  7. to 9. September. They discussed the observation of the principles of Common Fisheries Policy and strengthening of regionalisation principle.

Slovakia despite of being a land locked country perceives political sensibility of fisheries agenda, because it is important economic sector for coastal countries. The main topic of the meeting in Bratislava was Technical measures, which sets up rules setting how and where fishermen can catch fish. The aim of this measure is the control of catches, as well as minimalisation of fishing impact on the environment. „This measure offers unique opportunity to reach balance. On one side it emphasise observance of Common Fisheries Policy principles on the other, it strengthens the position of regions through principle of regionalisation“, said Mr. Štefan Ryba, general director of agricultural section of the Slovak Ministry of agriculture and rural development, who chaired the meeting.

General Directors for fisheries of the member states supported initiative of the Slovak presidency and expressed belief, that the measure will be beneficial for sustainable fisheries. Joao Machado, XXX of European Commission for maritime affairs and fisheries highlighted determination of the Slovak presidency to forward the approval process of this measure and underline, that simplification and regionalisation are basic pillars of Common fishery policy.

Within the program the delegation took a voyage on Danube river, visited the Gallery Danubiana and Castle Devin. „We believe that this informal meeting was helpful and the discussion will be part of the basis of improved proposal of this measure,“ said Mr. Ryba. Maltese delegate, that will takeover the presidency in Council of the EU in January 2017, invited the delegates on informal meeting of general directors, which will takes place in March 2017 in Malta.

The Informal meeting of fisheries directors general and attachés of EU member states took place on 7. -  9. September in Bratislava in informal meetings of the Slovak presidency in the Council of the European union.