Minister Wants Tougher for Sanctions for Import of Substandard Food

BRATISLAVA, June 5, (SITA) -- Quality checks of imported goods and sanctions for importers of foodstuffs of poor quality will be stricter, promises Agriculture Minister Lubomir Jahnatek. He told SITA news agency that the stricter control system will introduce checks already on roads and highways in cooperation with the Interior Ministry. Jahnatek said that his plan is to introduce a similar system as is used in neighboring countries. “Trucks will be stopped and respective veterinary inspector will take samples for an analysis", said the minister...
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Ľ. Jahnátek: Retail chains make us disservice, therefore we have to take system measures

Unfortunately, 16 retail chains which have filled the Slovak food market make us disservice.
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Slovakia wants to cooperate more intensively with Israel

The minister of agriculture, Ľubomír Jahnátek, met the Israeli ambassador, Alexander Ben-Zvi. The reviewed the existing successful cooperation between Slovakia and Israel in agriculture and rural development...
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The minister wants to support entrepreneurs

“We have one huge problem, which is the issue of high unemployment and inactive people who are not working. Many governments have tried to find a model that could bring down this unemployment...
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Farmers meet with President Gašparovič and Minister Jahnátek

Slovakia needs a new conception for the development of agriculture and more pressure to stimulate livestock and crop production. We need to increase self-sufficiency in the production of vulnerable commodities such as potatoes, pork, eggs and poultry. These points were agreed by the president, the minister and representatives of the agricultural sector.
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PM introduces minister to office

“I see use of Eurofunds as one of the most important tasks in the area of agriculture. The ministry is involved in multiple operational programs, which is why it will be the minister of agriculture’s first duty to ensure that these fundamental issues are under control...
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Seeking patriotic buyers in Slovakia

(30.01.2012; The Slovak Spectator; č. 4, s. 6, 9; Liptáková Jana)
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Green Report 2011


The State Secretary Mr. Ján Slabý took part at the first meeting of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture under the Spanish Council Presidency

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic Mr. Ján Slabý took part at the first meeting...
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The State Secretary Mr. Ján Slabý in Brussels

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Ján Slabý participated at the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries in Brussels on Friday 20 November 2009.
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